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This is about scientists and experts in the field who for their own personal gain - financial and otherwise - recommend an increase in the use of medicines. This is direct bribery and a corruption culture. The system is so refined that the people involved are no longer seeing that their conduct as dishonest or even questionable, and that state money and innocent lives are at stake. Because of this academic abyss, people are not heeding the opposition, they silence it.

We hope that visitors to this web site recognize the need for spreading this information. Please, use our banners as links (see banner below). In order to continue our work we abstain from financiers, who generally insist in controlling the content. We therefor ask for grants through the link "Donate". We invite you to take this opportunity to make contact with the participants. These have important knowledge and information about judiciary issues and politicians, professionals, universities and the media. We appeal for help in creating the multi language versions necessary.


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